Using DIY Email Assets

Using DIY Email Assets

Access gives you two options for sending emails to your members/customers. The best way is using the Access Email Program. But if circumstances prevent you from using that option AND your team has experience in creating and sending HTML emails, you can Download DIY (Do It Yourself) email assets in a ZIP file.

If You're Copying And Pasting Images Into An Email Program:

If you are sending a small number of emails through an email program like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or so on, you may simply copy and paste the image into your email message body.

In Gmail, you can drag the image into your email body, highlight it and click the "link" icon (looks like a chain). In Outlook, you'll choose "insert" then "picture" in the top menu bar, click on the image, choose the "hyperlink" option and paste the correct link in the field.

If You're Using A Dedicated Email Provider:

If you are sending emails through a service provider like Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or CheetahMail, you will need to upload the images and host them online. Once the image is in the email, it’s ready to point to a URL on your website.

DIY Email Assets include:

  • Category images (e.g. Dining) in JPG format, pre-sized to 600 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.


  • Category discount promotions/offers (HTML copy that is mobile-responsive and automatically adjusts for viewing on mobile devices.)

    (BE CAREFUL TO INCLUDE ONLY THOSE CATEGORIES THAT CORRESPOND WITH YOUR SAVINGS WEBSITE! Otherwise members will click on an offer that doesn't exist on your site.)

Contents include Images and HTML Zip files:

The "Images" ZIP file contains JPG images and a README.txt file with instructions on how to use.

The "HTML Files" ZIP file contains HTML and the necessary image files, plus a README.txt file with instructions on how to use.

Embedding Images

Each month, we'll provide you with images you can use in your own emails. These images can be embedded in your emails and linked to your savings site. An image is included for each category of discounts, as well as one that directs to the homepage of your savings site. Ensure that your membership includes the category before selecting the corresponding image.

Using Category ID URLs:

To make sure the image links to the correct savings category, use the URL format below.

For instance, to link to the "automotive" category, use:


Find the URL below that corresponds to the category you would like to promote. Simply replace the "REPLACE_THIS_TEXT_WITH_YOUR_ACCESS_SAVINGS_URL" with the actual URL domain of your savings site (what you type in the address bar of your web browser to go to your savings site).

Make sure that before you send your email, you have 1) made your image into a hyperlink with the proper URL found below; 2) added your domain in place of REPLACETHISTEXT; and 3) made sure the correct image is linked to the correct category URL.

***IMPORTANT*** Before sending any emails to your members, be sure to send to yourself and/or some colleagues to test that each link works correctly. This process prevents many common errors that occur. Pay close attention to errors of extra spaces in the URL or incorrect capitalization.


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