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Online Best Practices

Using the a la Carte Resources

Basic Guide:

  1. Choose which resources you need from the tabs on the left and download to your computer. You'll find downloadable content for the following assets:merchnatstory image download.jpg
    1. Suggested Copy for written social media friendly posts
    2. Social Media Posts for merchant logos and corresponding offer details
    3. Featurettes for 150x150 px images
    4. Banners for 350x150 px images
  2. Choose as many assets as you need, using the navigation buttons at the bottom of each screen when necessary to preview all available. When the asset’s name includes a date, choose the month you plan to publish the asset for the timeliest information.

This Word document provides approved suggested copy you can use in social media. You can also use the logos from the "Social Media Posts" tab, to further enhance your message. Do not change the pre-approved copy we provide. It is approved by the merchant.

Banners & Featurettes

Banners and Featurettes consist of a picture, and/or logo as well as a merchant offer. When using banners on your website, hyperlinks to your Access website should be configured to ensure the best possible user experience. Graphic designers can import and modify these files from a standard design application like Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. Contact your Client Success Manager with any questions.

  1. Click the Download button next to each asset you wish to use, then save to your computer.Officemax featurette download.jpg
  2. Log in to your association’s savings site and click on the merchant to open its offer details page.
  3. Copy the web address (URL) from that merchant offer page and use it to create a link in your post.copyURLImage.png
  4. Link the image of the banner or featurette URL into your social media post, or as a URL link on your website. This way, when members click on the link, it will take them to your website. If they are signed in, it will take them directly to the merchant offer page. If they have not signed in or registered yet, it will prompt them to complete that task before seeing the offer.


Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts provide specific merchant featured deals paired with that merchant’s logo. You can easily share these great savings deals and merchants on your company Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, serving as a constant reminder to your members of what they have access to through their savings program.

Use these image and offer resources to enhance your social media promotional efforts. All logos and text have been approved for use. If you have any questions contact your Client Success Manager.

Member Videos

The My Deals Mobile videos are the same video, only the music is different. Select which music version you prefer.

These videos require the Access team to customize the video to your organization website.  At approximately :59 seconds of the video, the text reads: "Get Started Here." Below that, is where we can insert your URL. This can be done at no cost for one video per client. Additional videos may incur editing charges. Contact your Client Success Manager for details.

The “How To” videos are tutorials about how to use the website and mobile app.  A link is provided you can use in social media, or imbedded on your organization's website. 

Best Practices

Have a question about how to use some of the content provided on this site? Check out “Best Practices” to find tips and examples of how other clients, programs and members have utilized our content to their advantage.

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