Access Brand/Logo Use Policy

Access Logo Usage & Brand Protection Policy

The Access Logo Usage & Brand Protection Policy is designed to enhance our ongoing relationships with our client organizations and merchant partners. Its purpose is to avoid potential legal consequences as a result of misuse or unauthorized use of merchant’s assets, such as a logo, coupon or brand name. Access has been granted permission to use certain logos from merchants on our websites and in printed materials. Access does not have the legal right to transfer that permission to our clients or any third parties.

Access clients must obtain permission from the merchant via Access for use of any merchant brand name, logo or offer in printed and electronic communication (including websites not hosted by Access). The creative piece must be submitted to Access to obtain written approval from the merchant prior to the piece being printed or distributed. Approvals typically align with the timetables below, so please factor this time into your schedule. Please be aware that any breach of the foregoing policy may require your organization to reprint materials to correct mistakes or revisions if printed before merchant approval is obtained.

Standard Approvals – Current Partner Logos/Brand Names

  • Print, Web, Email, Social and Mobile Timelines
    • Less than ten logos/brands – minimum ten business days
    • Ten or more logos/brands – minimum twenty business days
  • Mass Media Timelines
    • Minimum of twelve weeks
    • Includes Radio, TV Commercials, Infomercials and Web Videos

If a client wishes to create their own promotional materials for their program and use merchant logos, names or offers (up to five national merchant logos), there is a cost of $100 per brand for Access to obtain approval. However, if Access creates the materials, there is a cost of $100 per hour to design the piece and obtain written permission from the national merchants.

Unauthorized duplication, alteration, misuse or misappropriation of merchant creative, or Access-created content is strictly prohibited. Redemption instructions must always be clearly listed, and users must not be discouraged, overtly or otherwise, from following the redemption instructions listed for each offer.

Additional Requirements for API delivery of content into website, mobile app or responsive design website

  1. All offer redemption details must be viewed behind a user login page (not appear on a public website).
  2. Guest mode or browse functionality is allowed but redemption instructions and coupons cannot be displayed to nonmembers.
  3. Merchant logos must be accompanied by an address that shows a participating location; merchants flagged as a national deal may be promoted without address information.
  4. Prior to launch, Access must approve the API implementation to ensure compliance to the API specification documentation. Access will review and approve the implementation as it relates to the Access merchant content. Access will not need to approve the design of the website, mobile app or responsive design website.

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